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Name: Elise Ann Jolene Bickel
Nicknames: Elle, Ebay, E, Candy
Birthday: August 26, 1986
Pets: Dog ( April) and Fish (no name)
Height: 5'8"
Eye color: Blue
Hair color: redish blond
Piercing: ears, once
Tattoos: none
Job: Entertainer, intern at Mr. Smalls Studio, work with Joe Girty of Chaos Bros. Films
Birth place: Magees Woman's Hospital, Pittsburgh PA
Hometown: Glenshaw, PA
Schooling: K-11 Shaler Area, 12-CAPA
Favorite class: SATV
Future plans: Hopefully Duquense University major-Audio Recording, Minor- communications
Hobbies: Singing, Piano,Dancing, Acting,modeling, performing, shopping, hanging w/ friends, etc.
Favorite Color: Coral
Second Fav. color: Cornflower blue
Favorite place: Los Angeles,CA
Most exciting vacation: France with Megan. Joe Murdy, and Laura Kwasneski
Drivers License?: Nope, I've scraped both cars twice.
Favorite Food: Pizza with Ranch dressing, bbq ribs, and prime ribs
Favorite Icecream: Coffee Ice cream
Favorite Drink: Frappicino
Lucky #: 33
Favorite Movie: I love a lot of movies, but my favs are Lord of the Ring & Pretty Woman.
Favorite Movie quote: "I want u, I need u, oh baby oh baby" -10 things I hate about u.
Favorite Actress: Julia Stiles and Julia Roberts
Favorite Actor: Elijah Wood
Favorite TV show: 7th Heaven and Dawson's Creek
Favorite TV station: Disney
Favorite Holiday: Christmas, Bing w/ur family and friends is great!
Favorite season: Summer, I love the heat
Fav. day of the wk: Friday and Saturday
Fav. song of the moment: Fighter- Christina Aguilera
Favorite cd: All of Christina Aguilera's
Favorite female singer: Christina Aguilera
Favorite male singer: Justin Timberlake
Favorite band: Hanson
Favorite flower: Tiger Lily
Favorite clothing store: Express
Favorite line of makeup: MAC
Most Irritating quality about others: Being disorganized.
Fears: Death, Rats, & Heights